Sunday, December 1, 2013

Stop Electronic Medical Record Implementation

Here is a recent, nicely written, article by one of many physicians who shares my views on electronic medical records (EMRs).

See my posts on this subject.

Some patients express appreciation for access to some of their data online. The avenues for such access are so called electronic patient portals. A recent analysis showed unclear benefits of these electronic patient portals.  The researchers found no evidence for better outcomes for those patients who have access to patient portals.

These two publications constitute further evidence that forced implementation of electronic medical records should be halted.

Federal funding for EMRs should stop.
Before EMRs are used, there should be evidence of clear benefit and proof that no patients are harmed.

Your Diabetes Endocrine Nutrition Group, Inc.

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  1. I completely agree. I've seen a dramatic decrease in patient care as a result. More and more I see programs and new policies focused toward saving a buck rather than saving a life.