Sunday, January 13, 2013

Raspberry Ketone Rubbish

Does raspberry ketone help with weight loss?
Well, you may have heard that last year, on his TV show, Dr. Oz recommended raspberry ketone as a “miracle fat burner”.

And what is raspberry ketone?
Raspberry ketone, is a simple chemical found in a variety of fruits. 
Raspberry ketone is used in perfumes and has a fruity aroma.

So how about it? Is it any good?

There have been only two trials published that were conducted with raspberry ketone as a supplement. Both were done in rats. Neither trial was controlled.The best one was done 7 years ago.

There is no good evidence in rats of weight loss with raspberry ketone.

And humans are not rats.

There are absolutely no published data in humans with raspberry ketone. None.

And it is not known if raspberry ketone is safe when taken as a supplement.

To summarize, consider raspberry ketone rubbish.
Or just more garbage from Dr. Oz.
So I suggest you save your money,
          eat smaller food portions, and move more. 
And you can speak to your doctor about a new FDA approved prescription medication for weight management.
Weight loss is difficult. There are no simple quick fixes.
But these are some "sure fire" ways  to “burn fat.”



  1. Great advice! I am so tired of hearing about the non-sense my patients are hearing on Dr. Oz. Glad to know about this link:

  2. Thanks for your comment Cheryl. Share this with others.