Sunday, September 23, 2012

How do I lose a pound?

How do I lose a pound?

For many years we were told that you if you consumed 3500 calories less each week you would lose 1 pound every week. That meant, eating 500 calories less each day and you would lose one pound every week.
Or if we exercised to expend 3500 calories more each week we would lose a pound that way.
Many dietitians and doctors still use those estimates.

Well it turns out those estimates are frequently way off.
One reason for the inaccuracy of those estimates is that our metabolism changes as we lose weight. Lots of things change over time. Our bodies are not static; they are dynamic.

Now sophisticated mathematical models allow for more accurate estimates of body weight changes with changes in calorie intake or physical activity.
These dynamic models factor in changes in our metabolism as weight is lost.
The previous static models failed to do so.

Much of this is the work of physicist Kevin Hall .
Dr. Hall received the Lilly Scientific Achievement Award at the annual scientific meeting of The Obesity Society this year.

Dr. Hall’s dynamic model showed that a 20% tax on sugar-sweetened beverages would lead to a trivial amount of weight loss. A static model vastly overestimates the weight that would be lost.

You can access the online body weight simulator here.

Are you working on weight loss? Are you counseling patients?

Access the body weight simulator for guidance. 
Now you know how to lose a pound. 
Are you surprised by the results?


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