Sunday, September 9, 2012

Does Sensa Work?

Does Sensa work to help people lose weight?

Those Sensa ads sound amazing!

Sensa is a combination of three chemicals: maltodextrin, tricalcium phosphate and silica.

I have no doubt that that those substances are safe; they’re in hundreds of foods.
And all three of these substances are considered safe by the FDA.

The question is how can these simple substances make you eat less?
How can sprinkling this stuff on food make you lose weight?
And you don't even have to exercise or change your diet! 
Those pounds just drop off.
Is this some kind of miracle? How come no one else thought of this?

After all, appetite and weight control are very complex.

Dr. Alan R. Hirsch, is a neurologist and the so-called creator of Sensa.
He states on his website that he also supports a healthy diet and exercise.
That’s a sensible recommendation. I was pleased to see that. 

But even without efforts to change diet or increase exercise, Sensa is claimed to reduce your appetite. Sensa is supposed to make you feel satisfied with less food.

But where are the clinical trials proving the benefit of Sensa on weight?

Well it turns out that no clinical trials have been published.
Dr. Alan R. Hirsch’s 20 or so published articles show up.

But what a surprise!
I could not find any reports of clinical trials on Sensa or on weight loss co-authored by this creator of Sensa.

If this stuff is so great, Dr. Hirsch, let’s see the scientific evidence, .
Publish the trials in a peer-reviewed journal. Post them on your website.
Let other independent investigators try to reproduce your results.

So why can’t we find published results of clinical trials using Sensa?

Now I could be wrong but I think the answer is quite simple. 
Sensa does not work.
Sensa is no miracle.
Sensa is a scam. 
Sensa is a fraud.
The FDA should take note.

What do you think? Have you lost weight?
Have you tried Sensa? Did it work for you?
Did you try to reduce food portions too? How about exercise?

I'd like to know. Leave a comment. Share your thoughts.


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