Sunday, August 26, 2012

Caffeine, Coffee and Breast Health

Caffeine, Coffee and Breast Health

Lots of people are confused about coffee, caffeine and breast health.

Some wonder whether caffeine causes breast pain?

Others ask if coffee or caffeine increases the risk of breast cancer?

Breast pain, called mastalgia, is a common symptom.
Some gynecologists will advise women who have breast pain to cut out caffeine.
But is there really evidence to support eliminating caffeine if you have breast pain? 
And how about that concern about coffee or caffeine and breast cancer?

Although there might be women for whom eliminating caffeine reduces breast discomfort, the evidence does not support any connection between breast pain and caffeine.

A variety of treatments have been studied and shown to be of benefit for women with breast pain. Of non-prescription approaches, some data suggest that high dose vitamin E may help for cyclic pain but not for chronic continuous symptoms.

How about the cancer concern?
multitude of studies have shown no convincing connection between coffee or caffeine use and breast cancer. That's certainly reassuring.

So please enjoy your coffee or tea each morning while reading that next piece of scary health misinformation in the morning paper.

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