Sunday, December 11, 2011

How Not to Treat Obese Children

You may have heard of the obese 8 year old in Cleveland Ohio who was taken from his home because the governmental Child and Family Services agency felt the mother was neglectful. After all, he was failing to lose weight as the doctor was advising.

Sure she was not beating him. But he stayed fat.  In the government's view this constituted neglect.

Wow! Does that ever happen to adults that physicians advise to lose weight? And adults have more coping skills and understanding than an 8 year old. Maybe we should we take obese adults out of their homes too?

After all if they get Medicare or Medicaid this costs the taxpayers money. Maybe we should we arrest anyone who is getting government healthcare who is seen leaving McDonalds with a large fries.

And do you think it is easier for obese children to slim down than it is adults?

This child was doing well in school. He was likely getting food from someone other than his mother. That's why her efforts were not successful in getting him to lose weight. But the state agency took him out of his home and put him into a foster home.

There is no evidence that this intervention would help a child lose weight. 

And don't you think he might do a little more eating now in response to stress?

I could not restrain my outrage. I wrote a letter to the Cleveland Plain Dealer.

This incident made the national news.

You can  read the news release on November 30 2011 from the Obesity Action Coalition here.
They were equally incensed.

The American Society of Bariatric Physicians was also extremely critical of this crass government intrusion. 

We have a lot more to learn about treating obesity.
We don't need government bullies to help us.

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