Friday, June 24, 2011

Waste, Fraud and Abuse

Did you know that now doctors have to go through “waste, fraud and abuse”  (WFA for short) training?

And we have to document that the training was completed. It appears that the government sees us doctors as potential criminals eager to steal and cheat.

So the training instructs us as to what constitutes WFA and the consequences of  committing WFA?

I completed the training, as did our entire staff. And, of course, we all found it stupid and maddening.  Another one of those government mandates taking us away from patient care!

But I was not as nearly mad or rather livid as when I read the article written by James Bovard in this week’s Wall Street Journal.

Speaking of waste, fraud and abuse! Bovard describes how the federal administration encourages fraud, cheating and waste in the food stamp program. I urge you to read it!

The feds would rather prosecute doctors as criminals for using the wrong Medicare billing codes. They don’t really care about WFA.

You see the WFA in the food stamp program serves their purposes: to increase government dependency.  And this maintains the status quo of those in power.

Is Mr. Bovard wrong?  Am I? Let me know what you think.

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