Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Good Sources of Protein for Weight Control

There is good evidence that high protein diets are effective for promoting satiety and reducing appetite. So it’s always good to find tasty convenient options to get your protein.

What foods provide high quality protein besides eggs, lean meat and fish?
Well of course, there’s tofu and related soy products.

But I bet that not too many of you have had tofu. It has very little taste, and it takes on the taste of what it’s cooked in. In that sense tofu is kind of like plain cooked pasta.
I like to do a stir fry using extra firm tofu. Find recipes at  Cooking Light

And if you like yogurt you may be familiar with so called Greek yogurt.  

But how about Skyr, pronounced skeer?

Skyr is a special yogurt originally from Iceland. Skyr has much more protein than Greek yogurt and I think it tastes better.

I discovered Skyr when my wife and I went hiking in Iceland a couple of years ago. There are some imitations of real Skyr, like Siggis brand, but I much prefer real Icelandic Skyr

Luckily, you can get Skyr in our area at Whole Foods.

Take a look at the label on a container of Skyr : the plain variety is 6 ounces and offers up 22 grams of protein. Wow!

There are only 6 grams of carbohydrate and zero fat in this serving of Skyr.
And it only has 110 calories. I like to put in a few berries with some Splenda or Nutrasweet . Sometimes I just add a spoonful of my favorite jam.

Skyr makes a great high protein breakfast or snack. Have you tried it yet? 


  1. Hi Dr. Weiss!! Yes..I did try the Skyr yogurt and it was great!! Such a great resource for low fat high protein. By the way...I completed my first 50 miler this past weekend!! I'll tell you about it next appointment!! Have a great day!!

  2. Wow! Amazing accomplishment! Congratulations!
    And thanks for the comment!